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Who we are

We are Toronto’s leading 1 to 1 career coaching platform, focused on helping international graduates and professionals find their dream job in Canada. Maple Career specializes in management consulting, marketing, startups, and F500 companies. Our industry mentors work at companies like Google, McKinsey, Bain, CPPIB, Accenture, KPMG, Unilever, Bell, World Bank, and more.
Maple Career was born from friends of friends, all of our peers who we helped find their dream jobs. We help our mentees find jobs. And we go the extra mile to do it takes. Full service packages from resume writing to interview training to networking, industry and key skills seminars, and expert sessions from mentors at the top of their fields. Our training sessions are in person or face to face, and our mentors put in their best effort to expose mentees to the industry through recommendations, introductions, and industry specific tips.

Why us



Bell - Strategy & Analytics Manager

Industry: Data Analysis


Accenture -  Consulting Analyst

Industry: Consulting


CPPIB - Business Analyst

Industry: Finance


ZS Associates - Business Associate

Industry: Consulting


Mentorship: As mentors, we commit to overseeing all aspects of our mentees’ professional development. We don’t judge our value by how much effort or time we give our mentees, but by how much we can elevate them to meet or exceed their potential. And we are present and supportive over the long term, building relationships with mentees who become our own long-term supporters and friends.


Ability: To provide the highest degree of value to our members, we need to ensure that we’re at the top of our own game. We are lifelong learners with a genuine passion for career development that drives us to stay up to date in the field


Proactivity: Being active mentors and core members of the team means that we are always thinking ahead of the game. Whether we are suggesting new interview tips to our mentee or recommending improvements to the way we teach, we are always bringing ourselves and our mentee to a new level.


Leadership: We inspire mentees when they go through tough times. We have vision that provides direction when the future is unclear. We make the tough calls and guide our mentees when they are uncertain or afraid to take a risk. And we have compassion for their difficulties that drives us to take action and help.  


Ethics: Due to the trust involved in the relationship, we stand by high standards of integrity. We don’t make false promises, we tell it like it is, and we keep our word. At all times, we strive to do the right thing for the student above all other considerations.


Unilever - Senior Assistant Brand Manager

Industry: Marketing


KPMG - Senior Accountant

Industry: Accounting


Sunlife - Actuarial Analyst

Industry: Finance


Scotiabank - Analyst

Industry: Finance

Daniel Chen

MNP - Advisory Consultant

Industry: Accounting


Pinterest - Software Engineer

Industry: Technology


Morgan Stanley - Investment Banking Analyst

Industry: Finance


Hubba - Community Manager

Industry: Startup


KPMG - Senior Accountant

Industry: Accounting


Telus - Product manager

Industry: Marketing

& Many More

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