1-to-1 Career Coaching

Application Package Tailoring

After you've completed this training, you'll feel the excitement that countless other Maple Career members have felt, when you send off your amazing new resume and cover letter, and see the immediate improvements

1-to-1 Resume/Cover Letter Workshop

Learn story telling tricks that turn a forgettable resume and cover letter into a must-interview

Unlimited Rounds of Edits

Tailor your resume to different industries and jobs, with the highest chance of standing out

Application Email Tailoring

Go the extra mile and make the best impression from the application email onward

Interview Preparation

Learn from the top mentors that have achieved interview and offer rates that rank in the top 1% of interviewers. You won't find these tricks anywhere else than inside the minds of the Maple Career mentor team

1-to-1 Interview Workshop

Learn interview secrets from mentors who have profound experiences in hiring

Scripting Session

Create scripts, and practice your answers to all the common interview questions

Unlimited Mock Interviews

​Polish your delivery, storytelling, and confidence with your mentor's guidance 

Networking Training

Stop looking in from the outside, and join the inside track. Working with mentors who have built thousands of connections, learn how to build strong and lasting relationships, turning them into one of those 70% of opportunities that are never posted online

1-to-1 Networking Workshop

Learn how to improve your response rate to 40% or more, with 1 outreach walk through

Unlimited Mock Coffee Chats

Learn key networking etiquette and small talk, with feedback and advice given on spot

LinkedIn Profile Edit

​Build a Linkedin profile that gets viewed and selected for opportunities

Career Planning

Learn how your unique competitive edge can make you a stronger candidate than others with better experience, language skills, or education. Strategy is key, and your mentor has you covered with a plan that will maximize your opportunity

1-to -1 Industry Insights

A deep-dive into the industry, and learn how to position yourself as the perfect candidate

Job Search Strategy

Learn how to allocate your time most effectively with secret chanel

Salary Negotiation

Learn how to ask for 20% more than offer with savvy negotiation

1-hr Free Consultation

Why Not Start with A Free Session to Learn About How We Can Help You?

Send us your resume and we'll give you real feedback on how you can immediately improve it to get more interviews. We'll give you a scorecard of strengths and opportunities for improvement. And we'll even give you advice on how to immediately be a better candidate! Book a session today to learn more. 

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