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September 14, 2017

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September 14, 2017

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September 14, 2017



今天Maple Career 为大家带来面试攻略第二集,“What's your greatest weakness”。这个暗戳戳的问题,该怎么充满正能量的去回答呢~ 











 回答这个问题的 3 大准则

  • Deflect - 认真读 Job Description 10遍!充分理解这个职位需要什么技能。回答问题时,选一个确实存在的、和职场相关的,但是并不和这个职位相冲突的缺点。这样子,你会看起来既专业又真诚,面试官也不用担心你的能力。



  • Reflect - 谈谈你是怎么改善你的缺点的。大家都喜欢不断努力进步的人,面试官也是。你可以用讲故事的方法,遵循 STAR 规则,4-5句,说一个精简的故事。



  • Project - 这是让你脱颖而出的一步!想想你在改善你的缺点时,学到的技巧/方式/经验可以怎么运用在这个职位上。这不光体现了你对这个职位的了解,也体现了你对这个工作满满的热情和正能量~



  • 把优点说成缺点 - 不要相信网那些鸡汤式的明里说自己缺点,实际上是展现自己优点的答案。比如,我有一点完美主义倾向,我对无序缺乏耐心,等等。面试官阅人无数,听到这种毫无新意、毫无诚意的回答,只会觉得求职者身上都是套路,不会产生好感。



  • 回答难以改善的缺点- 比如,不善言辞,性格急躁,不容易被说服,等等。这些都是性格上的硬伤,不易改善,且不利于团队协作。换位思考,假如你是面试官,听到这样的答案的话,那这个候选人肯定是要出局了。


A+ 回答例子

[Deflect] My greatest weakness is that I tend to underestimate the difficulty of projects. I'm a natural optimist, and this is good sometimes when I'm able to push past barriers that other people give up at, but it can also expose me to alot of risk about not being prepared for unexpected circumstances.


[Reflect] For example, in my last job I was responsible for launching a project that would improve our customer wait times. I didn't factor in the risk of our backend systems going down, which of course they did, and when it happened it hurt the project quite a bit. So, in my next project I took risks a lot more seriously, and I created a project charter that I would use to mitigate risks or prepare for before launching the project.


[Project] And in the context of this specific role, I would say that since I'm primarily doing analysis, I can transfer what I learned from my other experience to plan my analysis robustly. And I can account for and manage all these risks by creating an analysis plan before digging into the numbers.


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