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September 14, 2017

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September 14, 2017

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原来该这样回答面试第一问 “Tell Me About Yourself”

September 14, 2017

哈喽大家好~ 最近好多小伙伴留言给我们,求面试帮助。其实Behavioural Interview也是套路满满哦, 跟着我们的视频来一探究竟吧~


今天我们就来聊一聊:怎么回答面试里最重要的第一问 “Tell Me About Yourself”。


视频内有 Sample Answer ,马上戳开看吧~






  • Break the ice - 面试官和你一样,他们也想让整段谈话可以轻松些,希望你可以开个好头。

  • First impression - 他们还想看看对你的第一印象如何,你怎么介绍自己,用什么语气,说多长时间,都决定了后面对话的走向。



 回答这个问题的 3 大准则

  • Stay Organized - 不要说和工作无关的内容,可以事先列出你所有的专业经历,从而有条理地回答.

  • Be Memorable - 准备一个 Elevator Pitch,强调1-2个和职位相关的经验,突出并且数量化你的成果。对Elevator Pitch 没有那么熟悉的小伙伴,可以 戳这里。

  • Targeted - 面试前仔细地通读 Job Requirement, 找出关键词/技能/经验要求。介绍自己时不只要告诉面试官你具备这些技能,更要明确地指出你会在这个职位上怎么运用这些技能,让他可以具体地联想到你能做出的贡献。


A+ 回答例子

[Memorable elevator pitch] I would say that if I had to describe myself, I would call myself an Agile Creative Workhorse. Let me explain each of those points. 


[Organized professional experiences] First, I am agile because I embrace change and respond the best to a new challenge. For example, in my previous work experience at XYZ I've pivoted the spend of a $100m ad campaign when it was changed. Secondly for creative, I approach tasks in new ways, for example my research project which obtained funding and was commercialized. And finally I'm  workhorse because I have a "track record" of taking on more responsibility and leadership beyond the scope of my role, for example during my experience at ZYX I won the company award for launching a new business vertical. 


[Target to the job] I believe all three of my skills being an agile creative workhorse are important to this role and the company, which make me a strong fit for this position.


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